Legal notice

Surpers: STINGS Co., Ltd. Representative Officer: Hiroki Honda 5-23-3 Daeda, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 102
Phone number: 07044226118
email address:
Sale price: Please refer to each product page. Required fees other than the product price: Shipping costs according to your order content. Please check the payment screen for details. Payment method and payment time:

  • Shopify payment payment (use the payment system "PayPal" provided by PayPal Pte. LTd.. The terms of use, payment time (withdrawal time), etc. are the rules specified by the company, etc. Please check it because it will be.)
  • Credit card payment, Apple Pay, PayPal, mobile carrier payment, etc. SHOPIFY JAPAN (Use the payment system "SHOPIFY PAINTRIPE" provided by Stripe Japan Co., Ltd.. The terms of use, payment time (withdrawal time), etc. will be based on the rules specified by the company, so please confirm. Please.)

Delivery time of the product:
How to hand over the product:

  • In the case of a formal product, we will send it by mail.
  • In the case of intangible products, we will send the data downloading method separately, so please download it from there.

Returned, defective, cancellation:

In the case of "defective products and mistakes in our products", we will bear the burden.
If you have any accidents such as damage during delivery, please contact us.
We will send a new product as soon as possible at our expense of both shipping and commission.
[Return target]
In the case of "defective or misunderstanding of products"

[Return timing]
We contacted within 5 days after the product arrived. If you can refund it, you will be able to refund.

[Return method]
Please request a refund by email.
The purchase price will be transferred to the specified account within 3 business days.

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